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The Original Master Eye Beveler Collection -Tools for Porcelain Doll Making & Ceramics

The Master Eye Beveler is an exceptional tool with long life expectancy.  The beveler's extra fine surface means the end of using messy nylon coverings over wooden eye sizers.

Master Eye Bevelers work on wet or dry porcelain heads to size the eyes.  Sizes range from 4mm to 34mm.  We know you will find them an asset for all your major projects.

They are used by first cutting out the eye shapes in the porcelain head.  The round ball on the beveler, which is abrasive, is turned back and forth inside the head in the eye socket, to achieve a perfect fit in the eye socket avoiding any gaps.

Five special shapes are also available.  They can be used on shoulder plate holes and neck openings.  After cutting arm and leg holes you can use the round tapered tools to smooth the edges.




Master Eye Beveler
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