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Tool Basics

Master Diamond Perfector - A doll artisan's must.  With it's extra fine tip, on a slender golden handle, this versatile tool is designed to take off imperfections.  It removes beading of paint from fired bisque and eliminates a double lash.  It may be used to score around eyes or open mouth of a doll.  Great for signing your name on the doll.  This tool can be used for etching.  We find it most beneficial for opening and cleaning between the fingers.  It is a handy touch up tool for doll artisans and other crafty people.

Super Diamond Perfector - With all the versatility of the Diamond Perfector this tool offers a stronger, thicker diamond surface.

Little Eye Setter - An essential for inserting small doll eyes.  Slender golden, easy grip handle especially suited for small doll heads.  Adaptable for small eye with hole in back.  Larger eye setter also available.

No Chip Ear Piercing Tool - Did you ever forget to decide to pierce your doll ears after  green ware has dried?  Use our No Chip Ear Piercing Tool.  Great on soft fired green ware or dry green ware.  On it's slender lavender handle, pierce doll ears with ease.  Available for small dolls also - order EP2.

Master Mixer - The Master Mixer is a custom-engineered paddle, suited to stir slip in large containers.  This heavy duty nylon paddle has unique cut-outs to make stirring easier.  With extra long handle (18-1/2"), it is large enogh for two-handed operation.  Slotted flow through holes.

Soft Tip Tools -

  • Innovative, diverse efficient tools!
  • Use to soften edges - including between fingers!
  • Reshape details around the ear.
  • Define eyelids and mouth area.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Clean and redefine nostril area
  • Great soft felt tip
  • Comes in five sizes - mini pointed, small slim pointed, small pointed pear, small bullet and medium cone
  • More Basic Tools -
    Ear Piercing Needle - On slender royal blue handle.  Use it immediately after doll is removed from mold to pierce ears.  Also may be used with lace draping dolls, to arrange lace neatly.

    Detail Tool - Needle with bent top.  Used for defining sculpting or scoring detail on  doll parts.
    Mini Tool Kit - Kit includes a 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and a mini eye setter.  Especially great for dollhouse dolls.  All on slender golden handles.

    Carrying Cases - Master Eye Beveler's carrying cases provide an organized unit for maintaining your tools.  Cases are soft, durable and available in both large and small sizes to fit your tool needs.

    Mini Cone Shape - Used to round out holes on legs, arms and shoulder plate holes.  Also used on nostrils of dolls.

    Paint Palette - Terrific palette to mix paint on.  Mix, store and carry your china paints in this slim compact paint palette.  Divided in four sections with plastic insert under glass.  Large mirror ensures proper placement of eye brows, lashes and lips.  Slim, compact covers nicely to keep lint out.

    Eye Sizing Tool - A must for Doll Artisans - Insert into eye socket to measure proper size.  Tool has steps on both sides that stop at the proper size needed.  Tool is in millimeter sizes.  Perfect for selecting eyes.

    China Paint Organizer - Organize your paints in perfect up-right position.  Holds 46 vials - 24 vials of major paints (Bell, Jean Norquist, Seeley) plus 22 units of additional paints (Global, Virginia La Vorgna, Jane Houston) .  Additional spaces for other bottles and brushes.  Convenient carrying handle lets you carry supplies right along with you.  Can be stacked to save space.

    Proportional Scale - We now have the scale in stock.  It is wonderful, if your pattern is for a 20" and you are doing an 8", it tells you exactly how much to reduce or if you want a larger size it tells how much to enlarge.  Makes pattern adjusting so much easier.


    Master Eye Beveler
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